Gary Uitto

Selfless. Committed. Gracious. These are a few words that come to mind when I think of Gary Uitto. He volunteers every Thursday at God’s Storehouse where he loads and unloads countless amounts of food, as well as sorting and packing bags for clients of God’s Storehouse. Whenever someone is out sick and can’t help, Gary always steps up to the plate to help.

Gary is committed to the Special Olympics, where he manages equipment, schedules the events, and recruits volunteers. He enters the results from Special Olympic events and coordinates and plans with Special Olympic representatives throughout the year.

Additionally, Gary is committed to the Danville Running and Fitness Club, where he recruits volunteers, organizes races, and helps design the race course(s). Gary has also volunteered for other localities’ races when they didn’t have the resources or enough manpower for their event.

Since its inception, Gary has also volunteered, in every capacity possible, for ten years running at the annual Bridge 2 Bridge Danville Pittsylvania Cancer fundraising event. He is so devoted to this event, he has even gone as far as hand drawing maps for event participants. Gary always goes above and beyond when it comes to volunteer work.

As if this is not enough, some how some way, Gary is able to find time to volunteer at his church where he helps with the tithe counting, operates the audio system, and volunteers for mass as well as funerals.

I don’t know how he finds enough time to volunteer for all of these activities, but he does. Gary is truly committed to volunteerism and he does so in a manner where he doesn’t want recognition for his acts.

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