Tammy Carter

Tammy Carter tirelessly promotes Local Food. Whether she is organizing farmers at the Caswell Farmers' Market in Yanceyville, greeting the community at the Soup's on 2nd Wednesday Monthly Lunch, cooking the soup and salad to serve to 70 diners monthly, running the Inspected Community Kitchen in Semora she is exuberiant about it all. Always smiling, always concerned about how others are doing, always supporting hard working farmers and producers as she leads this county in appreciating the value of our local farmers, producers, and community. Tammy is the President of Caswell County Local Foods Council, and a partner to the Semora Ruritans. Tammy's support of the Inspected Community Kitchen has allowed producers to make 3,416 units of VAP produced = $20,496.00 this year! That is revenue generated for the producer. She is everyone's biggest fan supporting all with public endorsements.

Tammy is the best cheerleader and everyone is a winner because of her tireless efforts!

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