Paul Liepe

Paul Liepe serves as the Executive Director for the Friends of the Old West End. Friends of the Old West End (FOWE) is a local non-profit organization devoted to the revitalization of the Old West End Historic District and its surrounding City. Paul works tirelessly to promote the area with an inviting smile and positive perspective.

This year FOWE and the City of Danville are partners in a progressive marketing plan to promote revitalization through home ownership within the Old West End, visit for more information. Paul has volunteered numerous hours to this cause, developing strategies, maintaining social media accounts and communicating with prospective buyers. Paul has been personally involved in eight (8) property transfers this year, each without financial compensation. Every acquisition brings a new neighbor to the district and a new advocate for the community. His involvement with each prospective buyer shows the devotion he has to Danville and the Old West End Neighborhood. The beautiful architecture in the Old West End can promote itself, but Paul brings a promotion of community and the sense of belonging to a greater cause that intrigues each prospect.

Anyone who has worked with Paul is in awe of his energy and dedication. It is characteristic to receive a 5 am email message about a new strategy he has been working on or to hear from a neighbor that he has helped them with a problem or concern. His willingness to make himself available to others for the greater good is extraordinary.

I am nominating Paul Liepe for Volunteer of the Year 2018 based on his non-stop dedication and determination to make the Old West End and the City of Danville a better place.

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